The Art of the Mark-

Mon, Aug 3 2015 07:54
The tip of the Raven beak (on the Raven Stencil) was used as an element & combined with lines drawn with fabric pens-
                                                                             •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

ReMake is at the top of the playlist for many of us. Christine Jacobsen whipped up this sweet linen combo, highlighted with some stenciled images from my collection. I love seeing what you all do with them so keep the photos coming!      

More Borders Stencil

Looks like Christine used The Raven and The More Borders stencils to kick this piece up a notch.
Raven Stencil
Building your Design Skills with Stencils-Any stencil has alot of look at them with an eye for separate parts, size of shapes  and whether they are geometric or organic in nature. Once you learn how to design WITH a will not be so focused on printing the one image on the stencil.

Here is a favorite nubby, silk fabric printed with the Raven Stencil.

My design eye is turning towards fall and all the projects I am imagining to create as the weather cools and the colors turn here in Southern Oregon. What is inspiring you?  Diane

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