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Sat, Nov 12 2016 07:36
The Cacicedo Coat Pattern is a beautiful, creative pattern design by artist Jean Cacicedo. I enjoyed collaborating with Jean to produce her pattern and it continues to inspire new design direction for me. This new version is a Shrug! Here is how the concept was applied to this pattern.
I used the front and back parts of the pattern indicated above. Those basic shapes can shaped in a variety of way: A. More flair can be added by curving the sides or front edges. Next are the hem edges: B. The hem edge can be shaped, angled or curved to be more flattering. Once a hem shape
is determined, the hem can be folded up or a separate pattern piece stitched on and folded up.
After piecing fabrics for the sleeves, they are pressed then trimmed to fit the pattern piece.
The sleeves on this shrug are made from several knit garments. The unusual knit with the feather design is soft, so a strip of (black) fusible knit was used to add structure to the wrist end before a facing was added. The hem edge, under the arm in the dark grey, was folded up to finish before attaching the sleeve.
GARMENT BODY-  A medium weight, black knit jersey was used for the front and back. Varying the hemline on the front, back and sleeve pieces adds interest to the design.
Uneven hem lengths add interest to this design. 
I am still debating on a closure. This kind of garment is always the perfect place to showcase a favorite pin. Here is how my design thinking is going so far. I love the feather design on the fabric and cut several out (adding a small seam allowance). A lining was cut from fusible, black interfacing for each shape. If you do this, remember to sew it with right sides together, so when it turns  right side out, the fusible side is inside when pressed flat. Strips of rolled stripe tee shirt knit could be ties.

I  smile and think of Jean as I (and many others) use the checkerboard, black & white stripe edge detail that has always been one of the signature elements on her clothing designs.
                                                                                                   Thanks Jean...for everything!!! Diane

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