Creating Fall Design-

Tue, Sep 1 2015 06:49
Moving into fall sewing is my focus this week. Our first crisp, cool morning is inspiring my time in the studio!
Design Play:
Make a new piece of fabric from a collection of fall colors. Here is a piece using a combo of print and solid linens, hand printed pieces and a single knit (in the ochre color) stitched as trim on top. Check your stash for those cool bits you are saving...this is the perfect project for them!!
You might play with making various sizes, this one is about 12"x 24".
Drawing & Printing your Fabric-
The best way to develop drawing skills is to do it...alot of it. I use a variety of the permanent fabric pens in my fabric work. Here are 2 of my current projects.

1. On a mixed linen blend- this piece started with a medium thickness fabric pen and doing a contour line drawing of the leave shapes. The lines in the back, created with a thin fabric pen. A vintage wood woodcut was used to print the other background shapes. The final step was to lightly apply paints with a dry sponge-( like applying blush to the cheek), to highlight the leave shapes.
2. Detailing a commercial dress-Stenciling is a good way to accent and add detail to a garment that 'needs' something. File folders, cut with simple edge shapes, were used as stencils to enhance the knit top of this dress. I block the edges the shapes with masking tape.

Pewter and Silver Jacquard paints were used to print with. To finish, I folded and stitched some asymmetrical tucks to bring in the neck hole. Find more tips and techniques on Youtube on my Stenciling on Fabric video, or purchase from this link: Stenciling on Fabric video 
I hope you are enjoying the start of your fall sewing, Diane
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