Jilli Blackwood at The Design Outside the Lines Retreat-

Sun, Feb 21 2016 07:08
We stepped into the studio of Jilli Blackwood in Glasgow, Scotland, as she unfolded her life in a powerpoint at our retreat in Santa Barbara, California 
Jilli Blackwood sharing one of her fiber techniques for creating elements at our retreat-
We were all captivated and truly inspired by Jilli. She shared her philosophy and the true spirit of her work with us. 
Jilli is tapped into the deep recesses of her creativity and is passionate about sharing it. She reminded us that learning a technique is one thing…and deepening it can open unlimited opportunities to explore. 
Her work is clearly an example  of what Jilli refers to as ‘The Wizard Stroke= that last, brilliant mark that renders a piece finished. Ahhhh! 
                                     Here is a ‘bit of Jilli’  shot in our DOL studio earlier this month:

 You might enjoy her website & work there: https://www.jilliblackwood.com/

She has explored a variety of exciting digital directions that are able to capture the textures surface she lives for, so I know we will see  more of her in the future.

In the meantime, I smile everytime I look at my 2” square of Jilli Blackwood

What a great way to begin 2016….I think the time with Jilli will inspire the magic (wizard stroke) in all of us.

Enjoy & Celebrate your 
                               Love of Textiles, Diane

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