Printing with Stencils-

Stenciling is a very user-friendly technique with a wide range of applications. There are a variety of acrylic fabric paint products available. I like working with Jacquard Textile Paints. Depending on the process you use, each fabric paint product has a slightly different hand, ease in use, texture and longterm results.

Cutting a Stencil- 

If you are cutting your own designs, I recommend a SHARP exacto knife on a glass cutting surface. Heat cutting tools are also an option. For my designs, I use  .005 ml or .007 ml acetate or mylar in a clear or frosted sheet for a long-lasting stencil. I  also cut quick stencils, for edges and simple shapes, using  manilla file folders or other sturdy cardstock. 

Drawing with Fabric Pens-

My Linen Shirt: Drawn with Tee Juice Pens in 3 sizes of tips for line variation.

I use the Jacquard TeeJuice Pens that come in 3 different size tips and a variety of colors. I use alot of the grey, black and brown for outlining and sketching on my fabric. Other brands make brushtip pens, some are pigment ink based and waterproof,  so you will want to experiment to find what you like. One of my tips is to work on top of an absorbant layer (not plastic) so any of  excess ink has a place to soak into. If you stop moving the pen, the ink will start to keep it moving and pick it up when you finish a line! I keep my new (full) pens separate from the older ones. I use the older (slightly dryer) pens  when I want a lighter application...or I am on a fabric that tends to bleed. 


printed snaptape & zippers- 

One of my favorite ways to personalize a garment is to stencil my trim.....including snaptape and zippers. It adds an unexpected texture and ties the closure into the overall design of the piece.

for the closure on this re-designed jacket, I started with a black  separating zipper. I rubbed the top and bottom edges with a small amount of white first. Then when dry, went back with a bit of color and stenciled a design: blending it into the black color of the zipper. I used handstitching to sew the zipper to the face of the garment. I love the finished look!

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