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 Winter-weather Design: Making Your Perfect Rain Jacket-

RAINWEAR=Opportunity for experiment, play, throw caution to the wind and explore! The fabrics are varied. Water resistant, waterproof, waxed canvas, reflective, all fabrics that intrigue, protect, and inspire. As the colors of fall settle into our town and the surrounding hills, you'll enjoy walking the park, taking in the colors and textures ...........All inspiration for  our teaching focus of exploring rain jackets and coats in this 5-day retreat with you. 

  "The Design Outside the Lines Retreat met my expectations and so much more! It changed the direction of my work and has given me a lifetime network of delightful, creative women to play with!"                                              2016 Participant  

Guest teacher/Designer: Gwen Spencer

 Gwen Spencer

'Sewing has been a part of my life. My great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother all sewed. Their work was part of my everyday life, from the quilt on my bed in boarding school to the clothes I wore every day. My mother had black Singer in the living room. When I was about 10 years old I started to explore the machine, stitching and sewing doll clothes.
In my early twenties I took Pattern Drafting and Design at Seattle Central Community College. Sewing and pattern drafting became my living. Sewing in factories, pattern making for REI, designing for Burley, sewing art to wear for the Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, or teaching sewing, this skill has provided me an life long income.
Now with retirement, I am full of curiosity to discover what might happen when that skill is opened up to the possibility of exploration and play'.  Gwen

One of Gwen's Printed Wrap Coats in Mens suiting- her own version using a Issey Miyake Pattern.

'Some years ago while working at the Rain Shed I had the opportunity to learn about the world of outdoor fabrics. These fabrics are made for practical, protection, and function. I love the challenge of combining the fabric designed
for function with curiosity and play. What will happen when whimsey mixes with reflective fabric, or waxed cotton, or ripstop nylon? Add in hardware; buckles, toggles, sliders, zippers...... and one rain coat is not enough!'. Gwen

Each of us is drawn to materials that will express us. Worn canvas and grommets are the focus of this new garment. Diane

Diane's layered wool & painted canvas collage vest- on vintage cashmere finished with black 'stitched' drawing.

Diane's Rain Jacket in alternative, Re-purposed Fabrics

"I love beginning a fall jacket ....  the process starts with an inspiration, a seed, a unique fabric combination. The metaphor of meaning opens aspects of  sewing, textile play and silhouettes I look forward to sharing with you. We'll explore construction techniques and explore how wearing impacts closure design. Start dreaming of the jacket you've always wanted ..and join Gwen and I to create it. "   Diane    

Retreat Cost:                $2,275.

Commuter Rate:         $1,875.

Single Supplement:     $575.

Join us in beautiful, historic downtown Ashland Oregon for a memorable retreat full of creativity, inspiration and sewing in a beautiful setting: The Ashland Springs Hotel. Located  in the Beautiful Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, The Design Outside the Lines Retreat might just be  the perfect inspiration this fall season. 

“I think Ashland is the perfect spot for a DOL retreat.  What a beautiful little town.  Holding it at the Historic Ashland Springs Hotel is so convenient.  You can walk to all the terrifies shops and restaurants and even see a play if you like.  I’ve been to lots of DOL retreats and this one was super!”                           2016 Participant

 This retreat is not about is a life changing experience ."                                          2013 Participant                     

''The above  quote sounded kinda corny to me...but I came...and it really was!"                 2015 Participant

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