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Re-Make That TEE! Upcycle Designing with KNITS fri., Feb.28th, 9:30-4:40


Ready to learn about KNITS?!

Come create an arty new look from 3 tee shirts or a collage sweater. Although we will focus on knits, this session will be full of innovative recycle ideas for working the details and creating new garments from those pieces just to nice to let go of. As a pattern designer and artist, Diane will share unique ways to address shape and fit as you cut to remake a collection of tee shirts into a very cool designer tunic, top or dress. You'll get comfortable with sewing knits as you combine, make trim and add details that will spin afew tee shirts into a new design that is all you! Bring your garments, sewing box and join us for a full day of fun and transformation!   

What to Bring:
• 1-5 knit Garments to cut up & remake: tee shirt knits and wovens can be combined.
• At least one printed or stripe knit tee to cut for trim. You may have a collection: like 3 striped linen shirts. trims, zippers or buttons you’d like to use. If you are driving, feel free to bring more garments to get ideas for future projects. You might start a second piece in class.
• Sewing pins & saftey pins (for ‘basting’),
• Basic sewing kit & scissors (I have some in the studio to  share if you are flying),
• 3-5 Images (maybe a sewing pattern) you want to inspire your ReMake direction. 

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