It's Fall! New Mexico Inspiration-

Thu, Sep 4 2014 07:42

I have been drawn to the same green gate, just outside of the
Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, NM for several years.

Making the grid lapels- 

Santa Fe Gate Stencil on  darks and lights: this one in Silver Lumiere on charcoal. 
Playing with printing the

 I have just turned some of my favorite sketches of the gate into a new stencil design: The Santa Fe Gate, that I am printing with this month in preparation for a reunion with that special place for a DOL Retreat later this month. Snap Dragon Jackets-  The green gate image has inspired grid 'fence' lapels (above) to expand on the design. I wanted a scrappy look on the lapels of raw edges and some finished. They would be beautiful made from any finished trim for a more polished look.  I laid them out on the lapel pattern pieces (above) to get the shapes. Once the pieces were sewn, I painted them with the faded green color I so vividly remember. If you don't have an intuitive sense about color, mixing colors can be tricky.

I find a color wheel is a good teaching tool  and can help take some of the guessing out of the process and help you get the color you want. This new jacket, started with a dropcloth piece of canvas by my son,  Miles Frode, to which I have added this new gate stencil design.  As you can see in the lapel photo, I made extra small pieces to in some of the seams of the design. I will share the finished piece soon. The pattern has ideas for creating your own unique lapels that all snap off, with snaptape, to become an accessory.

The printing is meant to fade in and out on the fabric surface.

small lapel scraps for other seams-

Printing to add interest along the side slits and wrist of the sleeve is easier to do before the garment construction. 

Here is a more finished version of the
Snap Dragon Pattern in a double -sided linen. The accent trim on the lapel pieces is vintage drapery...very subtle and lovely. As you can see...the lapel ends can be wrapped around and snapped together to create this beautiful scarf look too. I can tell I need a new one of these in wool next!

Laura Kinsman's stenciled shirt-sweet!

Laura Kinsman, my favorite sewist geek friend, has combined the Santa Fe Gate Stencil with her button jar for a very cool updated shirt! Love the results! It has got me thinking about what else I could combine it with too.

Wrought Iron Fence Stencil- Another new stencil design ready for fall printing. Can there ever be to many fences & gate stencils? I think not.... Look at how cool it is on this linen shirt!

I have used the Pewter Lumiere Fabric Paint to print this shirt. The design is set up to easily repeat if you want to make a continuous fence. I am loving how it looks printed back to back (on the shirt back) and as an asymmetrical  feature  on the front. Remember when you print to think about how you will wear the garment. Folding up the cuffs and popping the collar always influences how and where I print designs on a shirt.

A new set of buttons and I am on my way out the door in this one!!!
I hope you are enjoying what is on your design table this week,

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