1 Color=GREEN   •   1 Stencil=SPRING LEAVES

1 Color=GREEN • 1 Stencil=SPRING LEAVES

GREEN=Opening, popping, emerging & unfurling everywhere. Spring in Oregon is pulling me up and forward into lighter colors. 

At the tips of new shoots and in splendid carpets across the hillsides, it is truly a celebration of those deep places in us where renewal is gently reaching in and lifting us up. 

ReMaking can be full of surprises....like this favorite sage green linen jacket. Since the garment was dyed after construction, when I took it apart I liked all the original thread lines in white. That inspired me to add more white stitching lines when I sewed it back together (of course in a slightly different fashion) adding pieces of green organza opened it up and adds to the summery feel. It is always one of my favorite layers this time of year. The pin is bamboo and thread over a carved bone button.

Printing your own Spring Fabric Designs-With a few big sponge brushes, the Spring Leaves Stencil and some Habu Raw Silk (below)....a new, more subtle presentation of 'grass'  has appeared on my white linen fabric. Wanna just go big with leaves?! See my Foliage Collection

This is becoming a lovely spring shirt as we speak!  In these photos you are seeing 'parts' of the Spring Leaves Stencil printed in white and pale Silver Lumiere Fabric Paint. Citrine , Olive and Silver were my main paints used for this fabric. Your printing style will continue to evolve if you keep playing in different ways with afew of your favorite stencils. If this is a new way of thinking about fabric printing for you...see my  stenciling video (available & streaming on my website) for ideas.  

After printing with strands of the Raw Silk...they will become the ties on the front of garment. Shaping a Garment-I often begin by creating 'part of garment...sometimes the front panels ( like the blue and grey version in the March Blog post)-. This is always a very dynamic way for me to start...and  keeps the process open as I explore a broad stroke of creative possibility. It begins to inform my direction and is a beautiful, unspoken part of my process. Here, a bias folded line become the opening of my pocket. By stretching the front (bias) edge of the pocket as the pocket is stitched in...the front of the pocket bows out, shaping and creating space for the hand to slide in.

As the fabrics and details start to emerge...the garment below is coming into view.

I hope magic is happening in your studio this month.          Diane 

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Your post has inspired me this morning Diane! Loving the greens, such a lovely color! I have many pieces of solid color linen which have been aging in the cupboard, they will come out today for transformation! Ann in NC

Ann Hudson

Hey, I just did a washer full of linen and silk, with green dye! Were on the same page. Can’t wait!


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