A Pocket a Day

A Pocket a Day

….A Design Exercise to jump-start your Fall Sewing= 

                         Diane’s  30-Day Pocket Challenge-


                      Some Guidelines for Design Building & Pocket Play-

  • Get your Just Pockets Pattern- in paper or the download version
  • Set a time limit so it's an exercise…and not your whole day. I set my design clock for a pocket at 1 hour. In order to create that crisp starting and stopping time, get out materials and tools the night before...what about setting the timer on your phone? 
  • Set up a space for your pocket design time= Give yourself a blank slate. Set up a designated area in your workspace: Include favorite tools, pocket pattern pieces cut out. Images of cool ideas for your bulletin board, a basket of interfacing, adhesive fuse, trims, zippers. cords, buttons etc. 
  • Journal your process- Just afew minutes at the end of your pocket session, just maycatch those fleeting new aspects of how you work that can be repeated and will grow your work. 
  • Another Design Tool: Create a set of windows to use in designing your pockets.You will never want to be without them!!! Here is an easy way to make and use them.


Ready •  Set  •  Go 

Okay,  I got so excited just writing about it...I spent 40 minutes making this first one below.

I love the idea of it and want to do more...but for now, I 'm prepping for tomorrow's pocket session. 

Pocket #1 of the 30-Day Pocket Challenge. 



The beauty of making JUST POCKETS is they can be the STARTS for new, fall sewing projects!

Get your pattern in hand and join in our creative challenge. This pattern is an updated, re-issue of the original Just Pockets Pattern I co-created with my Mom, Lois Ericson. I know she would love the additions and new look of the pattern! For more about the pattern, scroll down to the last blog below.

  •  •  •  •  •  •

Aren’t you getting excited just thinking about this new design play?!?!? Clear your work table & bulletin board, get out those fun bits you know you want to use… and go for it!!!!!   I will be posting my pocket-a-day designs on my Instagram Page. Definitely a good way to hold myself to it! 


                                             See you in the studio!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Diane



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I purchased a copy of the pattern #311, Just Pockets, some time ago. It got packed away in a recent move and I just now found it!! I find that I only have pages 1-4 and 9&10 of the directions. Is there anyway I can get the missing pages? I love making and using pockets and want to discover some new ones! The pattern has so many options, but I’m not sure I can figure them all out with out directions.

Thank you, Debby Carter

Debby Carter

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