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My Design Board for Spring Projects-

It happened already...just in this last week, when we weren't looking: Spring started to pop out here in Southern Oregon. Wow....just in time. We are so ready and welcoming every new bud. It always inspires me to create a new board in the studio, where I pin up bits and pieces  for ideas I want to play with. Design boards are a great way to clear the table as you begin to amass a pile that you want to have front and center...but need a clear table to work. As you can see, mine is a combination of fabrics, papers, sketches, textures and more horses (remember...YR of the Horse). I am getting ready combine the painted linen piece in the middle of my board, (by my son, Miles Frode) with a knit into a dress.

The visual stimulation of paint on paper next to paint and drawing on linen excites me. Marks are a language of their own. They can suggest direction, color combos and other details and elements to bring in. This stage, with new images and materials up next to one another, is a pivotal moment for change. An opportunity to see a new path your skills might take you as you begin to work.

The white fabric, a commercial, printed knit (a Marcy Tilton fabric), is a treasure trove of ideas for companion pieces and techniques I want to explore. I am going to translate the printed shapes into a combination of machine stitching, cut out shapes, squiggled painted and drawn playful shapes.  I'll share the pieces I make in a future blog.

Here is a close-up of my first, spring piece. 

Design Rule #1: To get something new to happen in your work...you have to DO something different-


The beginning of this collar was a placemat....then a roll on my design board (see it in the top photo) and now it is one of the most delicate and lovely collars I could imagine... I love the way it 'worked me'... I am excited about the results.


I used my Torri Collection Pattern for his garment. It is a combination of linen fabric with a metallic finish, a pair of silk pants (the sleeves) and a poly-suiting skirt for the back. The tabs are made by my son, Miles, they are his hand-cut rubber stamp designs, printed on canvas. I cut out the fronts and worked with fabric paint at the shoulder areas first: 

TECHNIQUE: I used Jacquard black paint. I used a small amount of paint started by flicking the paint from a brush...next I lightly dragging over parts of the wet paint with a sponge. You can see I created more painted pieces for the inside of the cuffs...love the look. What is calling from your stash to be next on your on your design table----------------------------
                 Play & Risk can take your work to the next level too.

                                                                  Welcome to spring in your studio,                                                                                                      Diane

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