Arty Summer Shoes-

Arty Summer Shoes-

Okay, maybe it looks like I have to much time on my hands.....

What's true is I can't leave a perfectly good canvas alone! These shoes caught my eye and pulled me across the store...begging to be an afternoon art project. What could I do?  I am nuts about the combination of natural canvas or linen and silver. I am always on  the lookout for interesting laces too. They can be used for ties on garments, or used to replace standard laces like these white ones.  As you can see the white laces on these linen shoes are way more interesting rubbed with a watery combination of Silver Lumiere Paint mixed with white.  I added a bit of metallic rust and white on the tips of the laces. After the rubbed  laces dried, I added heavier blotches of silver paint along the laces for more texture. I used masking tape to isolate the canvas shoe tips for printing with the same Silver Lumiere Paint. I printed 2 coats...a second one after the first one dried.

I painted and printed the second pair of shoes with Lumiere and used a piece of file folder cut in the wavy shapes to print the waves on the sides. Poka Dots are great on shoes!! My earlier blogs give ideas and directions for making poka dots with  Tee Juice Pens. 

So if we have to wear shoes during the summer...
    I say they should make you smile when you look  down at your feet! Diane

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