AUGUST 2020 NEWSLETTER : Shadows on the Wing

 Shadows on the Wing

As this butterfly landed, in just the right light… she opened her wings and gave us something unexpected. It's probably happened before, maybe lots of times….but in that moment, when I saw her shadow, what a gift to be reminded that magic and possibility are everywhere. With so much struggling to endure, sometimes the most profound gifts are quietly waiting. Quietly waiting for us to be ready to see.  

Take a Day- Do some sketching, and put some favorite fabrics together in  new ways. Nature is such a gift: birds & shadows refreshed and inspired my time back in the studio.  

Guest designer, Carollee Williams-Schuegraf, created this beautiful wall quilt using a Wing & A Pray Fabric Panel- Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us Carollee! 

"Everyone can use some words of wisdom during these very unique and difficult times. I research “birds” and came across “ A story called "yogen no tori," introduced by the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum to the public in April, is said to have prophesied a cholera outbreak that swept through Japan in the late 19th century and offered protection to those who prayed to it. My bird prophecy presented a message to stay positive, share the message of hope and prayer; with those who viewed him.  The bird is half way in, half way out of the window.  Representing sheltering in place. Hoping for a reprieve. I followed my intuition".

                                                                                               Carollee Schuegraf 

Another panel of Carollee's dynamic pieced design work of painted and pieced  fabrics incorporating the Wing & A Prayer Bird Panel . Birds inspire so much of daily life.   Here is a link to explore more ideas with Wing and a Prayer Fabric and Birds.  


Summer Sewing= Favorite River Tunics-

Easy Summer Sewing…what to wear now? Just wanna wear your favorite fabrics while it’s still summer? NPR’s Story about House Dresses may inspire your perfect relaxed fit …My favorite basic is the River Tunic. Chic, easy, construction with lots of ways to tweek and hand sew to your hearts content, These  are some of the River Tunic house dresses in my summer wardrobe. I like to change up the necklines and tweek each shape with easy details. Here is a River Tunic Blog  will some cool neckline ideas for your current tunics or other favorite dressing. 

DESIGN OUTSIDE THE LINES RETREATS…. We are moving forward and designing plans for 2021. All of the retreat sessions, with re-scheduled dates, are listed online. Anticipating time with you in the studio and amazing guest teachers is a delight!  

Online Classes to share with you are in the works- Thanks for your patience! 

                                              •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  

.............It's probably happened before, maybe lots of times….but in this moment,

what a gift it is to be reminded of magic and possibility.  Diane









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