August is Pocket Month

August is Pocket Month



I designed and published the the original version of the Just Pockets Pattern  in collaboration with my mom, Lois Ericson. We enjoyed lots of pattern projects together, and her joy and creativity still inspires me today.  A source for distinct sewing details & design ideas,  Just Pockets is an innovative way to explore your sewing style and fabrics.  It includes pattern pieces, step-by-step directions and applications for 60 pocket designs, including patch, hanging, inset, inseam pockets and more.

AUGUST, being (un-officially) Pocket Month, it's the perfect time to launch into fall sewing.......                                                                POCKETS FIRST!

Just Pocket Pattern, is available in paper or as a download with the link in my Aug. Newsletter.*

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Welt Pockets in 2 different style garments-


Building your Design Skills.................. 1 pocket at a time

The process of exploring and expanding the possibilities inside of our sewing experience is dear to my heart. Something as direct as a pocket can actually unfold in many directions. It's time to think about a pocket in 3 ways. #1 The size & shape of the pocket. #2 The location: which influences size, function & placement.  #3 The style of the pocket: (patch, inset, inseam etc). 

Here is a Design Exercise that will expand your thinking and explore this concept: Use your favorite pocket pattern shape and make the same shape pocket in 3 different other words, how would you adjust your construction if your favorite pocket (say a heart shape) is going to be an inset pocket, a free-hanging pocket in addition to a basic patch pocket!! Yeah...that's what I'm taking about!?! Interesting eh?  

A good start will be to check into your 'Parts Department' for samples & starts that just might become awsome pockets!

Just changing the sequence you construct in can grow your work. I suggest you make 5-10 of the most awsome pockets ever to start: pull out the stops and use your best fabrics & trims, add collage, printed and embroidered fabrics, hardware and handstitching. The 2nd step is: to decide what garments would be the perfect showcase for your design collection (.... are we allowed to have this much fun)?!

Facings can tuck in and just finish an edge...or they can flip to the outside and add more design to your pocket. 


Pockets can change the silhouette of your garment in addition to being functional. Consider changing the direction of the grainline too: Stripes in different directions add interest and bias can add soft, shaped fullness.

Hanging Pockets can be any shape, and what about making them detachable? buttoning on under a hidden flap...or a visible separating metal zipper?


Even a basic patch pocket is more interesting stacked up...then each layer can be a pocket. 

Inset Pockets are one of my favorites. They give a slightly more dimensional look since they are embedded in the surface of your fabric. They have a front and back and maybe a flap, all basted together into one,  before  insetting it as a unit. These pieces were printed with some of my stencil designs. Sewing shaped edges on flaps & pockets first, creates more interest in your design.

     =So this is the month to start your fall sewing projects DETAILS FIRST= 

Just Pockets may be the perfect accessory pattern to enhance your next sewing projects! 

The Just Pocket Pattern is available in paper or as a download with a link in my Aug. Newsletter. 

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Explore this functional garment detail as a creative design feature & build your sewing toolbox!  

                               See you in the Studio. Now go play!  Diane




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