August Stencil Sale - 20% OFF STENCILS AUGUST 1ST - AUGUST 15TH

August Stencil Sale - 20% OFF STENCILS AUGUST 1ST - AUGUST 15TH


20%off Aug.1-15th

Time to hit the refresh button on your fabric printing? Fill in your stencil collection with our Aug Stencil Sale! Wanna join me in the studio? New on my YouTube Channel, see my Tips & Clips Video Series for some quick techniques to spark your fabric printing time in the studio. Join me to create beautiful surface design on your fabric stash. Whether you want a summer apron or a transitional fall shirt, I’ll share my favorite creative ways to use a stencils and inventive printing tools to express your own style. 

Versatility is a  key advantage to adding stenciling to your surface design toolkit. The neck edge at the top of this post and the shirt below were both printed with the same stencil with such different results! 


How to create a well- rounded Stencil Collection-

If you are selecting new stencil designs to add to the workhorses you love, here are some things to think about-

#1- Look at the overall shapes included in a design  INSTEAD of what the image might be. Although you might have originally chosen a stencil for the shell shapes, how might those same shapes spark your imagination in some different directions? This is key to creating a wide variety of designs you can print with them! 

#2 Start by asking yourself are the shapes open or small and detailed? Are they geometric or organic? Are there interesting parts to use without printing the whole stencil everytime? 


 See you in the Print Studio! Diane


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