There are beautiful pieces that show up -usually as we least expect them...and this is one of them. Karen Miller is a Katazome artist and designer. This is her beautiful version of the Ventana Jacket-

Perfect for fall, highlighting her own fabric designs, with a bit of commercial fabric here and there. Such an attractive combination and so successfully sensitive to her subtle personal coloring, I know she looks lovely in it! Lets just take it in.

Starting with her drawing of feathers (she had printed at, Karen created a companion piece on linen. Writing one of her poems (you can see the bird theme continuing) in Tee Juice pens and added some painted brushwork. 

The pleats in the pattern design are elongated and accented with multicolored handstitching.

Thanks for sharing your jacket with us Karen. I am looking at my stash with new eyes and inspired to find the combination for my next jacket!


...and thanks to Tanya for continuing the theme and sharing the perfect read.


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