Bugs in the Closet

Bugs in the Closet

The 3 crickets, on the new Crickets & Leaves Stencil, were used to print this overall surface design-

I've been printing with my bug stencils today with some playful results. This week, you can order all 4 bug stencils at a special price. Here are more ideas for getting more bugs in your closet!

Kids Clothes

...maybe for Halloween? Infant-size Jeans: The Cicada Stencil was perfect for the knees and I love the results! I started by cutting an oval (file folders work well for cutting out these basic shapes). For printing the knee 'patches', I mixed some metallic brown, white & pewter  Jacquard Fabric Paints and rubbed it through my oval cut-out. Once dry, I printed the Cicada Stencil in black. The stitching lines make it...and were drawn with a thin Tee-Juice Pen

I used the big Cicadas on the elbows.

A Blazer for a 3-year old: It was very fun to print small clothes.
I can just picture this blazer on a little guy with a black T shirt underneath. I only used black fabric paint and 3 of the stencils in the special: The Cicada, Crickets & Leaves and Bugs in Flight.

Creepy crawlers all over the place!

I really liked tying the design together with a line of ants  tracking around the jacket! I didn't print the lining...but that would be fun too. I may need to print one of these in my size next!

Variations with one stencil design: Any stencil can be printed in parts to create new designs. Here are the crickets (in the Crickets & Grass Stencil), overlapped and printed as a border (above), then printed as a mirror image (on the right).

Printing a mirror image

Print a bag: I printed this blank canvas bag below with the Cicada Stencil in pewter and black fabric paint. I printed and repeated one of the small designs in the stencil around the main design. I plan to rub the handle and some of the edges with the same pewter color to accent the shape of the bag details.

Everytime I print I get more ideas of things to try in my next session...I hope you are enjoying printing and exploring your favorite surface design methods too,  


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