DECEMBER 2020 NEWSLETTER: A Winter Of Making: Soup & Clothes

DECEMBER 2020 NEWSLETTER: A Winter Of Making: Soup & Clothes

I’ve been thinking about you today--imagining what you're sewing so your closet looks like you.’ ......

This email…from my childhood friend, Cynthia Thomas,  reminded me I need a wardrobe! ...a bit overwhelming at now feels like a gift to just make things that are truely 'me'! Staying present and not over-thinking feels key: At this stage of experience, there may be alot of things we 'COULD' make, right? I am going to let that go and reach for projects in the category of: What Makes Me Happy

SO here is my winter dress-inspired by a beautiful, simple/comfy silhouette that my friend Carol Lee Shanks is famous for, and a collection of gifted fabrics.

New to my eye, and familiar to my sense of combination, it was so great fun to recycle the striped rayon top...with the Kantha & jacquard grey. 

Reminding myself not to be saving even the special tid-bits anymore, I cut into the Kantha and love it as the pockets and trim! What a joy to be feeling thread and fabric in my hands....making magic with what I have now.

Even on a simple basic shape, I like to 'nip' in here and there. This pleat, at the mid-back, gives a bit of shape as the garment drapes the body.  


-Planning for 2021-

I too, am sitting with questions about how our lives will unfold moving forward. Retreat plans are in place, and more workshops and new products will be offered. I am looking forward to bringing new teachers to join my teaching circles and share their passion for making with us. I will share more about What's New in coming Newsletters. I want to thank you all for your online support and purchases, that has helped keep my work and support staff going too.  

Soup for the Soul- I love to cook: Todays combo is roasted veggies, in Miso Ginger Broth with white beans and protein crumbles. Topped with grilled field sausage (Sage/Apple). Winter soup makes the day right! 

A haiku by Basho:

“Having had my barn burned to the ground, I can now see the moon now.”

A wise friend reminded me ‘experiences don’t COME with meaning…we GIVE them meaning’. 2021 is bringing us opportunity to ‘see the moon’ in new light.

                                                    •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

And this from Cordell: ‘Every good wish for another year of opportunity to be awakened and delighted by joys of the ordinary’ . Diane



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