Exploring a NEW Stencil Design

Exploring a NEW Stencil Design

Cicada Stencil is Fall colors

Each new stencil design is like Christmas when it is done.....I can't wait to unwrap it and begin to explore the printing possibilities! We just added this new Cicada design to my stencil line and I am folding it into my fabric work. Here are some of my first printed pieces and ideas on how I can vary the printing and combine my printed pieces with other materials.

Printing Suggestions:
• Start with multiple pieces of fabrics in various colors,
   weights and textures.
• This Cicada printed in fall colors started with a swipe of orange and metallic olive fabric paint on my brown canvas. when that was dry, the Cicada was printed in black on top.
• Consider printing on a fabric print. I like to use textured quilting cottons as a background for my printing.
• Create an all-over design with one image (that is next on my list to print). I will print the bugs in various directions too- that givers more options for placing pattern pieces.

The Cicada stencil is great on this textured linen

I printed my new, picket fence stencil in grey as a background in this linen piece. Next, I printed the cicada and smaller parts of the stencil in black. To give it an aged, worn look: I dry-brushed white over the top of the design. Sometimes a light sanding can give a similar effect.

Every design has SO much possibility! I can't stress this enough. This is why you want to play a lot as you get acquainted with your new design.

You may want to stay with 1-2 designs for a month...to see what really working them brings. This is a good way to deepen your creativity with stenciling. For more printing techniques, see my Stenciling on Fabric Video in my store 

Textured linen and handwoven cotton: The wing shape was used to create the overall pattern on the white cotton.

What will I make? After my printing session, here is the beginning of a new bag. Pulling together the materials and colors to combine with your printed pieces is a design exercise in itself. I enjoy this process. It is really a personal expression of your design eye. If the printed piece is the focus....it is about bringing in elements (colors, materials, trims and hardware) that frame and enhance your original piece. You may want to take several passes at various combinations then decide what you like best. Gotta print some bugs!?!?!? 

My new bag= 2 colors of canvas, some textured twill home dec fabric and a great charcoal and black quilting cotton with some hand-stitching and a big snap closure! My stenciled piece will be a pocket.

I will share more of my overall printed designs with this new collection of stencils soon,  Enjoy, 



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Hello Diane,
I have just discovered your work and am loving every bit of it. I’ll be buying some of your patterns, but would also love some of your stencils. Unfortunately you don’t ship to the UK ( I live in Scotland). Are they available to buy anywhere here?
Kindest regards,

Christine Forsyth

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