FALL Design: Scarves

FALL Design: Scarves

Fall came as we gathered in the studio at Mabel Dodge in Taos. It was a glorious week of inspiration in the high desert of New Mexico for our first Design Outside the Lines Retreat  back since Covid began. My time there continues to influence the fabrics and ideas I am exploring now.  While traveling, my handwork of choice is a collection of small bits to stitch on. This scarf project was the perfect pause while people-watching in the Santa Fe plaza.


This one started with an interesting machine embroidered square scrape. After cutting it in half and reconnecting it to make a longer rectangle,  I was inspired by the cutout along the edge to add the tie pieces and a few more holes. Using a variety of hand-stitches and a beautiful Habu thread, this has become a new favorite! A block printed lien piece of text, by Miles Frode, was a nice add. 

 So the idea of scarves looping through openings is a reccuring theme for me. Here are 2 wool and silk collage scarves to get you thinking about how they might fit into your wardrobe.
A Pattern? Well, they are out there....but think about it, isn't a 'detachable collar' really a scarf? SO cruising your favorite patterns for memorable collars just might be the beginning of a new collection of scarves to add that pop of color and design that will spruce up your wardrobe! A large bound buttonhole in a plum color silk is a focus in this silk and wool combo scarf above.
Starting with a simple shape can work as a base canvas to collage fabrics onto. This wool one above, is a combination of wool and silk pieces, mostly machine stitched, onto a wool rectangle. A large slit, finished with a facing, creates a finished opening to lace the scarf though for wearing. 


            My Podcast with Threads Magazine-

I enjoyed re-connecting with the Threads staff last month for a podcast on Creativity and the meaning of Making in my life. Click the link to see it online.

Deep Breathing as cooler weather comes back to Southern Oregon and the fires here in the west subside. Grateful for the change & more handwork, DIANE


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