FALLing towards Winter-November '23

FALLing towards Winter-November '23


NEW Again from the Archives-

Alot of you have been asking us to bring back your favorites for my original ReVisions line…. so we are bringing back the best sellers as PDF downloads! Preparing the designs for re-release, my fall projects have included editing and creating new illustrations to update the patterns as they are converted to PDFs for my website. The most recent online additions are my SnapDragon and FaultLines patterns. I hope you enjoy making and wearing your versions as much as I am!!

Your way into new designing can start anywhere….The SnapDragon pattern started with a desire to use snaptape in a fresh, creative way. This melton wool SnapDragon is a staple in my wardrobe. The basic jacket silhouette, with darted and non-darted versions, keeps inspiring new garments. I love it as vest with the sleeves and lapels attaching with snaptape to change the look. The layered, collage lapels can be worn in various ways and easily swap out to create another looks. To make these collage lapels: The wool pieces are layered, like mosaic tiles onto both sides of the lapels, then machine stitched in place before creating more dimension by cutting holes. That detail technique was repeated at the sleeve ends.

Collar Variations-There are lots of dramatic way to change up the look by just creating a collection of lapels! The lapels can be snapped together and worn as a separate scarf. Hand-felted pieces, embroidered panels and vintage upholstery would make beautiful, dramatic lapels. The black cashmere jacket below with unexpected red and white lapel pieces are handstitched with black and white Japanese rafia.


As the season changes again, I will love making and wearing lightweight versions of the SnapDragon in canvas and linen….for now, as the last of the fall leaves blow, wool is my fabric of choice!                                     Enjoy your Making, Diane

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