ReMake meets Fabric Stash….My design work this month is inspired by my never-ending love of Blue! As you may know, Panatone is calling in 2020 as the year of a beautiful blue shade called Classic Blue. Mining my fabric stash, lots of variations are ready for a ______  . 


In this new indigo tunic. This combo was a deep dive into thoughtful edges, placement of focal pieces and various machine stitches. This process for me always includes pulling back for the overall silhouette view then zooming in to nail the details that make this a great piece. It is made from a great piece of pant-weight denim with a bit of spandex from MarcyTilton.com and a small jacket with a great texture!

Steps to a great UpCycled Tunic-

• Start at the top: Working on a dressform and using my favorite pieces for a neckline is my usual starting place. In this case, the new neckline is created from the front edge and neckline of the jacket. With the front opening on the side...the buttons are functional for a smaller or more open neck.

• Looking for 'puzzle pieces' to fit: continuing to work down, I  look for pieces to connect and add more. In this case, the back shapes came together first. 


• Work details into panels then add then in: The front panel with a large pocket which extends in to the hem was an idea I wanted to include- so I made it as a panel first, then looked for where it would fit and what shapes needed to complete it.

• Looking for Pockets from the start: As the pieces are cut and I'm editing what is left, pockets often appear! The end of one sleeve was the perfect small pocket on the left side...while the whole, lower panel on the right was a pocket as well. 

• Join me this spring with your stash for a UpCycling class in my studio: 

Feb. 28th for a focus on knits, or April 11th for Remaking in linens & summer fabric


                                                         See you in The Studio! Diane 









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You are so inspiring your work is wonderful.i lack your courage

Sandi Stevenson

The garment is amazing and I really appreciated that you broke down the process for the blog. I’ve been trying to do a garment like this from men’s shirts, ala Christine Mayer … you might also be acquainted with her, or check her out at www.intothelight.de (she is international, thus the strange URL). Thank you very much; I was directed to you by a friend and will join the mail list!

Sooz Weissberg

Finally pantonepicked the best color. Love your jacket remake! You make it look so easy!


Love the blue! Love the reusing and refashioning. It’s such an inspiration.
Just a note, though… it’s Pantone, not Panatone ;-)


Love this Diane! I am on the bandwagon for reuse and refashion..using both fabric and yarn and bleach to dye old garments..This is so much fun..giving me a new wardrobe and utilizing my creativity.
Thank you for all the many years you have inspired me to look with “fresh eyes”.


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