Holiday Stripes & Brocades-DEC '23

Holiday Stripes & Brocades-DEC '23

This reversible silk brocade FAULTLINES vest is the perfect accessory for several holiday outfits and quick to make- It will make your look, from casual with jeans and high tops to elegant entrance piece. The pattern pieces can be flipped if you have a pocket or wear a small bag on one side. I love this design for showcasing small vintage treasures or embroidery. With some basic layers, Fautlines can add the polish!


SO many great versions in lots of our wardrobes already. Here are some yummy, remake sweater versions created by talented fashionista Gayle Ortiz….probably cashmere!

What else is tucked away in the recesses of our stashes?…maybe something dull that can be brightened and folded into whatever celebrating we do this season. In my life, it is a lost ….and now found, pair of red suede shoes!

Stenciling is my go-too…so I know I can make magic there. It was fun and easy to upgrade these shoes with metallic, pewter (by Jacquard ) fabric paints. The secret is a dry sponge and some masking tape to create those crisp clean edges. A thin, black line around the top edge gives a nice finish. Printing different width strips definitely adds interest to my new look.  Wanna see more stenciling tricks? See my streaming video on stenciling.

Lets get to it!!!! I’m already looking for my next pair, Diane

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