Celebrating Creativity in 2019

                           INSPIRATION IS  literally, to breath in.

Each of us is pulled towards something different. What draws your eye?

              CREATIVITY IS the Intersection of Inspiration + PLAY

Each of  us has a different toolbox for the journey.  If you are a maker, …maybe a pencil, keyboard, brush, hammer, spoon, camera or needle and thread is your starting point.

                   DESIGN IS bringing creativity into form

DESIGN= the formal structure given to your creative play…..it is the ‘shaping’ or molding of creativity  into something. Magic really.

It is HOW we respond to our inspirations that creates our unique paths. It is the honing an idea that has you.…maybe something riding around in your mental pocket for a while.

So where will your precious creativity take you this year? What new vistas and experiences will widen our views?

I've stepped into 2019 widening the focus on our design eye  and ‘expanding the toolkit’ we draw from. This is the Year of ONE on ONE.

BLOGS- Each month I’ll  explore design through my lens of 1 color & 1 stencil. Enjoy my January Blog and get ready to change up your work! 

Classes & Retreats -

 Studio Classes & Drop-Ins will be opportunities to spend time in my studio, grow your thinking, and build your skills.

DESIGN OUTSIDE THE LINES RETREATS in 2019:  3 great venues, 6 sessions & 5 dynamic teachers are coming to join us in our favorite studios this year! Time to leap….a deposit will hold your space.

 New Retreat Venue: Design Outside the Lines in Carmel, CA in March-Ready to dive deeper into your work and grow your design eye? Join us in beautiful Carmel, CA . This is a smaller group, in a more intimate, beautiful setting that is sure to inspire us Designer/maker, Marilet Pretorius will be joining to share her process and work in the studio there.

I am grateful for each and every one of you in my circle. Thank you for your appreciation and support of my creativity, and thank you for sharing your joy for creating with me. I look forward to meeting more of you in 2019. Always, Diane

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