July/Aug NL

July/Aug NL

         WOOD has carved deep roots through generations of my Swedish family.

  In that proud tradition of makers….the women have always created textiles, in all the Scandinavian needle arts, while the family men worked in wood. In our generation, my brother is a fine homebuilder and my sisters and I love to make in many media including textiles, basketmaking, gardening, painting and wood. 
 This IS a time to explore the ideas and materials that can bring joy and meaning to our lives. What might be calling you from the archives of your stored stash? 
I have always been a ‘stick’ person…collecting special ones and finding ways to integrate them into my daily life. An interesting branch connects me to all the delight and wonder I felt as an explorer in my childhood....grounding me like nothing else does.
During Covid, in between sewing, I have embraced lots of pruning...so after taking down a struggling Crabapple tree, I knew it could be an adventure in making a chair! Delighted at the idea and after afew YouTube videos, I launched into it.....and here is my first chair and table that followed. See my current blog for more.
The noren below, linen attached to bamboo sticks, was made with fabric painted with natural dyes, in a delightful class with artist/designer, Marilett Pretorious. It too, is a lovely reminder of the widening circles of friendships we will continue to create in community. 
Every morning, while the mid-summer air is still cool, I am deeply grateful for something new calling me 'to make'. We all deserve something new...something that opens us to broader problem-solving opportunities and helps us build ways to see and grow forward.  


What else is calling you? Diane

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