Loving Bill

Loving Bill

…There has to be a language….a way through grief, a guide for the heart.


Notes and love coming through as I reach for materials that feel right.  They are all the delicate ones in these tender moments….like waves on a quiet shore, washing, one after another, over my heart.

 The voice of my future calling me from images on the table now. ….an intimate language of shapes and textures tethered to deep, internal places  lit only by trust.


The loss of a soulmate throws us into deep waters, makes us swim when we are spent and throws us onto the sand of a new island home before we are ready.

 ‘Go forward’ the voice says…..even one step at a time. ‘Take care and go forward with sunscreen and good shoes’…..the voice says.

You have always been my tether, as I sailed into the skies....always bringing back stories to share. Now, as I head out with my new kite in hand, the voices I had always thought were others…are now familiar as my own.

A gift I can only repay going forward with deep gratitude. Diane

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Thank you for this beautiful work and poem. I too am surrounded with loss, but not a soulmate. Grieving is necessary work, just has to be done…..but as we know it is such a sign of love and therefore very welcomed. I have received wisdom on this from the teachings of Stephen Jenkinson, a wise Canadian man who teaches on death and love and grieving. May you be directed to him and his works if this is relevant for you.

Jan Lobban

I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers to you and your family.
May your new kite still receive a gentle breeze from your beloved when needed.


Reading the above tribute to Bill, I was filled with admiration for how you have always honored Bill and continue to do so with your work. He was so proud of you and honored to be your partner – as I am honored to call you my friend.

Claudia Little

The loss of a loved one is so very hard. Sending you prayers. Also, hang on to your kite, for your new normal… you never know where Bill will guide you….

Ramona Houdek

So very sorry for your loss. You are such a strong, vibrant and creative person, may the knowledge that there is a greater plan for each of us allow you to just be in joy. Thank you for sharing your gifts and graces.


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