Making Summer Fabric-

Making Summer Fabric-

Piecing summer linens, making fabric-

I am still on a shrug kick....and can't help piecing some of my smaller, summer fabric bits into a piece big enough to make another one. It may be a good way to explore intricate piecing or some of the stitches on your machine not normally used. This one will finish using my princess seam pattern, SkyeLines.

Scroll down to May 21st Blog to see one of my other shrugs made form this pattern.

My other Shrug direction is to remake garments into new garments. 

This white, sheer shrug started life as an oversized shirt. Suggestion: Working with larger sized garments gives more design options. In this case, the tucking at the shoulders, brings the sleeves up and gives the garment more shape. Tucks can be made on the inside of the garment or outside, stitched down as darts.....or left loose.

These are some of the choices that will change the look of the new garment.
The asymmetrical hem was decided next and stitched at different angles. The front was overlapped to move the buttons off center. Once the front is buttoned, the back was lapped ( creating more angles along the hem) with buttons added for design. All of the tucks and seams were hand-sewn with embroidery floss.

Easy, simple sewing projects are just right for summer evenings and I love the handwork! I hope you are enjoying your summer sewing.  Diane

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