Designing with One Color:BROWN + 1 Stencil: Deco Bird

March Designing in the Studio-

                                          Exploring Design in Shades of Chocolate!

                         1 Color: Brown   •   1 Stencil: Deco Bird


....... Time to open the boundaries of our Color Palettes….

So here goes-

If you know me, you know I live on the cool side of the color palette, so brown is the Never-Go-To-Color for me. However....since every color has ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ versions… theoretically, this means there is a version of every color for each of us! So I am stepping across the divide to embrace brown this month!

What is the color or texture, coming out of left field, that adds a fresh pop to your work this month? For an accent, a color, across the color wheel from the colors you love, can add a dynamic energy to your work: maybe piping? buttons? or other small details? Check it out. 

NEW FABRIC COMBOS: Go for Texture + Contrast + NEW PATTERN=

What’s your combo that will create the unexpected edge?! A sheer organza collar on a linen dress…or choosing a shiney, glazed linen instead of a more subtle option. Below is a collection of fabrics and parts moving into combination on my design table. I'm using the vest pieces as 'parts'....they have been prepped with embroidery, several faced holes and buttons. The deep chocolate (on the right) becomes a nice base color to build on.  This fabric combination is just waiting to be a new garment! 

Digging into Details- Accents can make a textile sometimes.  I'm surprised to find some many great threads, buttons and trims for details in my stash.  Making your own trims is a great way to add more of your own design eye to a piece.

Here is the ribbon I just printed with the Deco Bird Stencil-LOVE IT!! I used the Metallic Rust and Pewter Jacquard Paints for the printing. It is warm and has a lovely sheen. I reach for the Deco Bird Stencil alot because it is such a versatile design...theses 2 fabrics below were printed with it.

Finish a Project a Month- Admitting there are UFOs in my stash that I will never finish is the first step (to recovery?!?). After's gone or I take a scissor to it and break it down into interesting pieces for my Parts Dept. THAT is where new options can show up! I love seeing a shirt bodice with a great front edge turn into a pocket...or the perfect sleeve emerge from a pleated shirt back. The skirt, on the right below, with lots of cool details, was the beginning of the Maker Apron fabric combo on the left. Prep your Apron materials and look for another Blog about designing your Maker Apron in the coming weeks!

 COLLABORATION=Working from the heart is such a joy isn't it? 

Making with a loved one adds so much meaning to our process and lives doesn't it? My son, Miles Frode and I worked up this Art Apron together.

It is for sale ($325./email me to purchase) Printing & stitching...passing it back and forth, swapping stories and laughing alot!  It's canvas hand painted with a giant pocket, snaptape fastener, hardware & elastic details. 

Remember to check in your stash now for great buttons and hardware you forgot about! Back to the Studio, Diane






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Your ideas are wonderful as always . Miss you. Kathy Peery

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