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MARCH 2020 NEWSLETTER- UFO sightings!

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Not everything is meant to be a finished product. There are different reasons to make!!!  All of the projects waiting...waiting to be recycled, dismantled, finished or re-visioned! Our CREATIVITY is not allowing ourselves a more playful approach to 'organizing' the process can allow a more spacious playground...with room for the unexpected.

See my design dive into my UFO collection & directions for how to make the inspired, embroidered fish pin above in my current blog.The fish pin got me  printing various water theme stencils: The Brush Alphabet Stencil has great shapes and was combined with The Seashore stencil to create the fish below. Adding beads, buttons and stitching added more depth too!


To help use the March inspiration - All stencils and collections are on sale for the rest of March for 20% off! No coupon needed. The Marine Collection includes 2 of the stencils I used here.

Turtles n' Grass, dyenaflow, and The Seashore stencils were printed with Jacquard metallic paints to create these fabrics above with such different result. 


Finally! The paints and pens are back in stock with some exciting news and additions.

New Neopaque Colors!

These colors are really amazing - brights and neutrals!

Tee Juice Pens - All colors and all sizes are back in stock!

The "Just" series of pens are now Trios! You can get one of each size pen in any of the colors. The best selling Greyscale Set, 1 of each size of Black and Grey are also available.

Textile Colors Now Available!

Permanent and colorfast Textile Color never chips, cracks or peels, even with repeated wear and washing.  the color is semi-transparent and intense. Add up to 25% water to increase transparency and reduce viscosity, or mix with Colorless Extender to achieve any degree of transparency without affecting the consistency of the paint. Mix with White for pastels. For opaque colors, mix with Super Opaque White

Lumiere - All Back in Stock

Dye-Na-Flow - 8 Colors, with more on the way

Let us know if there is a specific color you need sooner and we can bump it up on the list. Our watery newsletter background was created by textile artist, Cynthia Thomas with Dye-Na-Flow, her favorite painting medium!! 

Time to refresh your Printing and Drawing on Fabric Techniques?  Diane’s steaming videos can get you inspired all over again! See the trailers here.



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