In the middle of all the craziness the holidays can bring…I see mini-projects as small islands of time, just for me, in my studio. It's time to step away, reminisce, think about people I love and how I want my New Year to unfold. 

 Need a gift idea? How about a holiday tea basket? Share your love of making with someone special. Whether you make a theme tea cozy or give a collection of fabrics and the pattern: add favorite teas, a new pot or mug, and other tea accessories for a truly unique gift. 

Now through December,  I’m offering a 3-pattern special of my accessory patterns to inspire some fun  mini projects. As I work needle into fabric, these are the collection of accessory patterns  I’ m playing with and design ideas for folding some mini-projects into your winter celebrating.


A tea cozy is a great table decoration and the perfect way to bring your favorite fabrics into the winter kitchen- 


Your combination of materials can have a very personal theme: Mine often involves sticks, canvas & vintage scraps!!!!


Ready to make a Pin Cushion?- These mini-sculptures feels like the perfect totems on my studio table…a visual reminder of change, growth and new direction for the New Year.

Give your tea cozy or pin cushions a personality with an accent topper: buttons, knotted fabric and found objects are perfect.

This combination of vintage fabrics, woven neckties are finished with vintage buttons, a bird charm and bow

Small Bags: Using favorite vintage pieces (or maybe a pockets you made for my 30-Day Pocket Challenge), a small bag is the ultimate accessory. Perfect for winter layered outfits, Customized with cool buttons, zippers or extra pockets- one will lead to the next...and they are always a popular gift!


It's all about the details....Express your design eye, be bold!


This is a treasured holiday bag my mom, Lois Ericson, made for me with some of her favorite materials and buttons.

 ITS TIME! Get out those special pieces tucked away...this is the moment to create with them and share their stories with people you love. 


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I noticed a 2017 date on your three-pattern special. Are you still honouring this in 2018 and what is the discount for all three?

Carolyn Hall

I too would like to know how to get the 3 pattern special? Have several of your other patterns and love them!

Phyllis Hathaway

Ps love seeing your videos with your son!!!

Phyllis Hathaway

Hi Diane,

What is the discount code for the 3 pattern special? Also, is Miles’ class online or on site?


Darcy Berg

Darcy Berg

Happy holidays Diane,

Loving these teapot patterns. So inspiring.

Warm thoughts

roni s sher

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