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Design Ideas with SCISSOR Fabric-

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Scissors were finding their way into my work this past summer. These favorite tools, now a memory, can now show up in your sewing projects too! 
Here are some ways to make these cool scissor images your own.
Spending time creating the 'theme' or feel as you combine your fabrics is what makes it more YOU.Check out these color/fabric combos I am playing with.Think 'cool' or 'warm': I love the blue/black combined with painted canvas, and the barnwood background definitely inspires this textured combo. 
So what are we making:  Pockets, pillows, kitchen accessories, insets, bags?????     Here are my first 2 projects with the Scissor Fabric. 
COOL POCKETS- Everything is better with personal what are yours? I intentionally left space around the scissor layouts I photographed for the fabric for more decoration and collage ( so add that to your combo thinking).
Here is a collection of pockets for a vest project. I loved hand stitching first, (including the hanging string tied to the scissor handle!) 
I'm a vest starting with a donated linen jacket, the sleeves had to go. Buttons go first, since I always revisit my choices when the new design is evolving. Accent hand stitching in the white adds balance as it draws the eye around the garment.
Oh the idea of a pocket on the back! Shaping the side by opening the seam and dropping the front at an angle changes everything about the boxy fit of the original garment. That little change makes a big difference on the hang of the garment and adds more shape (especially good for larger bust). To pleat or not in the back happens towards the end of my process, the added nip-in around the lower back is sweet and a lovely touch for a bit more shaping. 
This canvas apron blank was screaming for scissor details!!!  As pocket and trim, I plan to add more 'hardware' bits for fun.
I hope this START inspires your design play!!  Diane


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