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New! Shirts 2.0

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Transforming the Cacicedo Coat Pattern into another collection of great shirts has been a fun project this past month. 

Shirts 2.0 requires the Cacicedo Coat Pattern to start with, and is 12 pages companion of directions, illustrations and photos of my shirts. This PDF is available in as a download and in a paper version in my store. 

Design Play-Here are some of the ways I am exploring silhouette, grain and details using Shirts 2.0.

Fabric Combinations- Alot of the success in sewing is about the fabric combo we start with. I spend a good amount of time arranging and auditioning the fabrics, trims and notions that will make my idea pop. 

With this new summer shirt I am working with one of my Wing ‘n a Prayer Bird Panels. I tend to forgo the obvious center back or center front/symmetrical presentations of a focal design for a more unexpected way of using my special image. In this case, I am playing with the bird, off-center in the back, with some of the rust color coming over one shoulder. I use a dressform to pin fabrics on to mock up a ‘shirt’. I ended up cutting the panel into several strips and really like they way they behave in between other solids. This new one will have a short sleeve that can roll-up for a softer look, so I fold my fabric on the dressform to remind myself about the short sleeve. I want a good amount of natural linen color and white in this shirt too.

On Susie Manley’s vest above, her front off the shoulder placement of the bird is very appealing too. The combination of the bird panel with the striped suiting (in bias collar and other places), is a great it a  more urban look.

I like combining stripes or other textures with vintage linens and smooth solid colors for interest. Buttons and trims, top-stitching or hand stitching? …these are the details that give a design your personal touch.

This striped linen shirt, one I share in the PDF, was a remake from a larger garment. I love the stripes with the floral facings.  Laying out trims, embroidery threads  and buttons really give a peek at the finished shirt to come.

I use the hand-stitching to highlight various seams, hold tucks and accent edges. Love this combo!!!

Time to get started and sew this one up!  Diane



  • Rose Lee-Bartlett: July 06, 2018

    ALWAYS amazed and inspired. Thank you, Diane!

  • Sharon Bottini: June 18, 2018

    Where do you find you beautiful base fabrics. The only thing near me is a chain store and I don’t like their clothing fabrics and forget light weight linen…I have ordered some of Marcy Tilton…but would like to be able to audition more before I buy. Your use of what appears to be cottons is also wonderful…thank you

  • Karla Roady: May 21, 2018

    I’ll make it to a class yet….

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