New Stencils: The Text Collection-

New Stencils: The Text Collection-

Designing with Text-Anything can be a design element …but text seems to have alot of universal appeal. 

Our new, Text Stencil Collection, by Urban Cadence is available individually or as a collection. Here are several garments and fabrics printed with these new text designs. Stenciling in different colors and weights of fabrics creates more design options for sewing with your printed fabrics. The fabrics above, pinned to the dressform, shows printed edges, sheers and printing over pleated fabric and gives a feel for the scale of design elements on the body form.


The shirts above were printed by Miles Frode. Miles is a master with a bold, layering approach to printing fabric. He is fearless and spontaneous and his results are fresh and often unexpected and playful. These shirts (tees and a linen shirt) show several approaches to printing and layering.

The ArchiText Stencil- First printing= Using the entire stencil and repeating it side by side to cover the area desired. The tee shirts were spray painted through the stencil, with some silk screening. The acid green areas are Dyenaflow, a lightweight, brush- on product by Jacquard Paint Products.

Layering a Stencil- On the grey, linen shirt, the stencil was used as a background first, then a second layer in white, using cut-out individual letters (to print over) & leaf prints was added. I love the addition of the organic element! I printed parts of my tan shirt (above) with a dusty plum color Jacquard paint, and printed a few small parts of that stencil in charcoal to repeat the color of the buttons. Design Tip: When printing a garment, what you don't print becomes just as important to the design as what you do print.

                                        •  •  •  •  • The Woodcut Text Stencil- This design, with big bold lines and small background detail,  has lots of possibilities! John printed this awsome version above on silk noil in my Print Studio Session. He added to his eco-dyed pieces to complete his beautiful bag project.

Miles Frode, designer of this stencil image, printed it end to end…so that turning the stencil creates a series of ‘pipes’ from the central design on the stencil.

I printed the front edges, back neck and accent at wrists with a metallic rust color. Design Tip: Our first thinking can be the whole image…yet beyond that, interesting variations are waiting to unfold! Here, printing at angles, using only various parts of the design, creates an beautiful finish along the front edge of this garment…Love the results!

 WOW…so many great options, I need to keep printing! Join us in the studio for a Surface Design Class and please share the designs you create from our patterns and stencils in our Facebook albums. Diane

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I just signed up for 1 Wednesday class on Sept 12. I live in Las Vegas and will be in the Ashland area that week so I hope this works. My phone is 775-220-2229.

Barbara Buchanan

These stencils look great! Do you have a physical store? I might be in your neck of the woods this fall and it might be interesting to see all your wares in person.

Beverly Ryman

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