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New! The I-Ching Shirt/Jacket Pattern + The Trigram Stencil

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The I-Ching-It’s Perfect Layer for my Fall Wardrobe! October in the NorthWest fells like a little bit of both fall & winter….crisp mornings paired with beautiful warm days. It won’t be long til we’re yearning for warmer winter fabrics…but for now…give me some layers in those favorite fall colors and fabrics to make the transition. 

The I-Ching Pattern is perfect for some dramatic color blocking or all one color of cozy fabric to live in. Vest? Shirt? Jacket? There are lots of choices. Maybe extending it for a 3/4 length version! I’m sewing them up for my own wardrobe, here are some ideas to explore.

COLOR/FABRIC-Aren’t these always at the top of the list?!? This is the year to use those saved treasures and create a special holiday jacket…or a morning layer you’ll slide into everyday. The combo of stenciled linens and silk organza below is one I am excited about. 

Color Blocking- Is a bold way to influence the way a silhouette appears. This piece, with the dark blue linen combined with a layered (commercial) cut out denim design was fun to create. Notice how the selvedge (from the blue piece) was saved and applied as a trim along various edges for accent…including in the tuck in the collar. Shapes from the denim were cut out and used as appliques on one sleeve and at the back of the neck.

START with a STENCIL- The Trigrams Stencil includes the 8 basic trigrams in several sizes and the meanings of those ancient images are referenced in the I-Ching Pattern. Starting off printing them in various ways is giving can influence your project going forward. Here are some examples of the stencil printed on various fabrics in lights, darks and metallic Jacquard Fabric Paints.

This stencil really lends itself to an all-over design or just a few well-placed images. They would look great stenciled over buttonholes too! Remember, any printing you do in the area of the buttonhole, visually becomes part of the closure. It is a good way to create a bigger, more noticeable shape, even if the buttons or ties are small.

START with Play: I encourage you to start by printing, stitched and playing with some fabric collaged to explore your design ideas with the Trigram Stencil.

Marta Marthas created the printed stitched collage piece (BELOW) in a combo of knits and wovens. The stitching gives it such nice definition!

Striped Borders (above) was printed with the Trigram Stencil too. The silk organza collar above was cut with a 1/4” seam allowance (instead of the 1/2” seam allowance for a sewn one). After the printed the edge of the organza dried, I trimmed the raw edge to finish. The paint will hold the edge. I love the way the flat cut edge looks!

MORE STITCHING, STITCHING, STITCHING….Hand-stitching just makes everything more personal. It is a beautiful reminder that we are at the other end of the needle, bringing a piece into being. It feels like the perfect accent, in black thread, for this linen I-Ching in neutrals. I used it to highlight the tucks and seams that make the pattern unique. Check out the pattern for some variations on creating the collar. A folded, fabric piece was added at the back of the neck on this garment.

Knotted Ties are the closures for the garment, and I am working up a shirt now with some favorite buttons too. The linen one has torn silk organza strips. The stripped denim Vest version has printed cotton tape (which was also used for surface design on the vest. The color-blocked, collage Jacket has mud-cloth silk ties…which were flattened with a steam iron to fit the look of the garment. Frogs, special buttons and shaped buttonholes would be great details for this garment too.

Looking forward to making my next I-Ching Jacket: 

It will be a reversible one using this bold cotton Kantha cloth!

We’d love to see your Trigram Stenciling and I-Ching Garments. Here is a link to a preview special to purchase both. Please share them in our Facebook Albums!  Enjoy your Fall Designing, Diane



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