NOVEMBER 2020 NEWSLETTER:  My Perfect Life


I woke knowing there was a new ladder in me. Trusting the instinct, I made one last trip to the ashes with saw in hand. Cutting, I hoped somehow the ladder would transform the blackened trees and me in the process….so the MAKING began. Like other things in life...this was messy. Soot went everywhere, making me question if I really 'needed' to do this. 

As I twisted off the bark, the answer was YES!  So much beauty, tempered by fire, inviting me to dance. 

After sanding (and a lot of matte finish sealer), I moved the ladder inside me and my place. Magic happened.

Transformed & beautiful, these are the gifts of Rustic Simplicity. Wabi-Sabi: Fabric and wood in a new relationship= Wood: twisted by fire, softened by Fabric: delicate ...woven from single threads. Every time I look at this, I find structure in my life and deep happiness again.

Walking in the cold....I worked daily to meet myself at a new start, an intersection where my future is unfolding here and now. The work has begun. Friends have gifted me with tools ...and others have opened their barn for a place to work and make this, my first chair. Beyond thinking, these experiences are quiet stirrings calling me... new invitations to MAKE.

 I've learned I to replace RE in my vocabulary. Re-visit, re-do, re-create, re-vision, re-make, return….all saying go back to a previous beginning...'start over'.

 How can going back to a place or event going forward? I have earned the right to be here…NOT starting over, but trusting more deeply my footing to unfold and create forward. 

These are all gifts under my tree, Diane


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