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September: Neutral Colors & The Brush Alphabet Stencil

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   Fall Designing starts now!

Time for a new vest in my everyday wardrobe. The white stenciled linen (printed with the Brush Alphabet Stencil) was a favorite shirt in its first life. Now combined with the natural linen vest, it is transforming into a new favorite.  Inspired by my love of all things wood my closures were inspired by this teepee in the Denver Art Museum (pictured on the right), Design ideas are everywhere! After seeing the Indian collection at the museum, I made some ‘buttons’ from some of my favorite sticks. I carved the backs of the sticks to fit the finding into place before gluing them (with Weldabond). The button back findings are available from some jewelry supply sources. Love the look of the combination. I’ll be wearing over a soft, aged shirt soon.

Closure Ideas-

It's time to use the beautiful things we are saving!! You might want to create a tray of buttons and objects that speak to your design eye that can inspire your fall sewing projects. Here are some of the goodies that are on my design table I want to combine with my neutrals color schemes now.

1 Stencil: Brush Alphabet - 

Here is another combo featuring some the stencil printed with metallic fabric paints on canvas. the closures are elastic hair loops...which come in nice colors! The shell buttons really reflect the metallic printing too. 


I'm drawn to the shapes in the Brush Alphabet, and use it often for the Asia 'feel' it gives a project...I love it on this bag as a background with the Bamboo Forest printed on top. The Bamboo forest comes in a collection with the origami as a third design in the pack too.I scrunched the cord, and sewed it above and below the scrunches, to look like bamboo. 

The Brush Alphabet Stencil and my neutral color scheme come together in this linen shirt project. I am collaging smaller, more subtle pieces printed with parts of several stencil -including the Brush Alphabet. For lots of ideas on how to get more variety and creativity from your printing, See my Streaming videos on Stenciling on Fabrics.The more you print...the more you will find your style and confidence to create your own matter what stencils you use. 




 ...As I pack for my Sept. Retreat in Taos this month, I am reminded by this artful sign hanging in Taos: to be observant and appreciate what we might find along the way.....wether it's in our stash, on a walk or treasure hunting in a new store.

...enjoy your time, Diane



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