Settling into Fall-Sept Post

Settling into Fall-Sept Post

What a gift this time of year is in SO Oregon…..Fall color is changing the landscape and inspiring new color combinations in my work. Play with what is opposite on the color wheel for some new inspiration: Blue (in all its variations)  is across from Orange (in all its variations)…violet is across from yellow and green is opposite red.

Dive in…so much to explore! 

Although I love this beautiful linen print, using both sides of this piece really make the tunic and highlight my design choices and technique. If draping on a dressform is new for you, I highly recommend it: weight and drape, bias and straight grain…all inform the making of a garment in ways that working on a table surface does not. 

Even after a lifetime of garment construction and making patterns, draping is always calling me into the fluid process that brings unexpected magic into view. 

I’ve learned how to respond instead of lead… of the biggest lessons for seasoned makers. The world opens anew when we set our toolkit of styles and construction techniques aside…it can be waiting in the wings as we need to reach for something there.

2024 Design Outside the Lines  Retreats-

Work is underway to share 2024 retreat information on my website in Nov. The line-up of guest teachers is very exciting and I know it will inspire us in the studio times we can share here in Ashland, Oregon and in Taos, New Mexico.


San Fransisco Bay area Artist & Designer, Carol Lee Shanks will be back in Taos with us in the June DOL Session. Join her exciting shows and inspiring events this Fall season. See her website for more:

A page from Carol’s fall journal—————


“I awoke to the radiant, full Harvest moon this morning, a symbol of fullness, a time to gather.  Changes in the light and the crisp air against my skin feel refreshing and new.   I’ve been working on a pair of fleece pants, stitching stripes into the blank cloth shape with yarns that compliment its’ cozy brushed surface.  This cloth and these yarns are from animals lovingly raised on California farms.  I think of the ranchers and the sheep, the rabbits, llamas and farmers as I stitch away.  Next I will explore a California grown cotton knit.  I may even take up natural dyeing.” 

Carol Lee Shanks  •   September 29,  2023

We sat with handwork in Taos then….and as I hear her voice now, Carol reminds me to go slow and savor what is at hand. Time to make that one special fabric that is calling us now….no time to wait, enjoy rich hues in your life, Diane

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