Sewing with Stenciled Fabrics

Sewing with Stenciled Fabrics

Sewing with Stenciled Fabrics-


Hand-stitching vapor trails-

For those of us who love a needle & are some ideas for folding the new, PAPER AIRPLANE Stencil into your sewing projects.
Hand-Stitching- I admit it...I do enjoy hand sewing, maybe more than most. Stitching the motion trails of the planes is a whimsical way to imply flying and tie in an accent color at the same time. In the photo on the left, is that stitching added to a re-designed shirt I will share in the next blog. 

Adding my printed bias to re-designed garment

Printing a partial stencil-

Consider stenciling a base for other techniques: beading, trapunto and collage work to name afew. I saw a fabulous evening bag, stenciled with my Big Hopper cricket stencil then beaded over the printed design!

Printing Bias- I rarely use a stencil the same way twice. They are more versatile if printing parts of images or overlapping 2 different ones to create new shapes and designs all together. This is a GREAT way to reinvent your whole stencil collection and create new images in your work. On to this peach color linen bias. I printed, alternating the tips of 2 of the airplanes for the triangles in my design. See what part of the stencil I used in the photo. 

Deciding on the binding width

I pressed a foldline down the center of the bias to use as a placement guide as I printed. Here are 2 ways I have used my bias so far: In the slit at the top edge of the sleeves, and to create a new neck binding. Notice I started with the wide band at the neck...but decided to fold it over for a narrower band there.

Sleeve or pocket?!

I turned the photo of my sleeve finish upside down ...and it became a great pocket idea to use in the next part of this garment remodel!    Diane
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