Summer Play: Birds Are Everywhere

Summer Play: Birds Are Everywhere


From the Jay who joins us for summer breakfasts in our this one above, hatched in my studio: Birds are always an inspiration.....and maybe for you too.  They have been folded into my patterns, fabric designs and stencils over the years, and here are some of my favorites that might inspire some playful summer designing for you.

Ravens- Something magical about these birds. Just in New Mexico, for a Design Outside the Lines Retreat in Taos, Ravens are part of the landscape and inspiring imagery there.


The 2 sizes of Raven Stencil Designs is offered as part of the Feathered Friends Stencil Collection along with The Deco Bird and the Walking Rail. Scroll down to the March 15th blog to some printed fabrics using this stencil collection. In the coming months, my new website will launch with a new stenciling video I'm excited to share. We're looking forward to seeing your version of the Raven Bag please share!

The Deco Bird Stencil was used to  print a summer, linen piece and a medallion stitched onto a green straw bag.

The Wing n' A Prayer design is a combination of stenciling layered with drawing using the 3 sizes of Jacquard Fabric Pens. You may see parts of my stencil designs you own used in various ways to create this print.

Wing & A Prayer Fabric
bird panels in linen/canvas are back in the store! They are the perfect addition to a summer tunic, bag or easy wall panel project. The 3 variations are Pewter, Rust & Blue.



The Ashland Vest Pattern was used for this vest piece. I combined a Blue bird panel with indigo linen and a rolled stripe knit as 'piping' for accent in the seams.  Combining printed images with solids into successful garments is a good workout and will continue to build your design eye. Look for unusual things to bring into your sewing...a small embroidered piece, maybe a bold hand painted. The focal piece can inspire the fabric combo too. Part of my design criteria is to build garments that can be worn casually, with jeans, or dressed up for a trip to the theater. These garments and starts have that feel.

See more about the Dragonfly Pattern Here


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Great ideas all around. Love the backpack.

Mary Glenn

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