The Ashland VEST-

The Ashland VEST-

A vintage pattern with a New Look- 

My Ashland Vest Pattern design, (originally part of my ReVisions Vest Collection Pattern) is now available as a download. It is a basic design that I continue to revisit and love making in a variety of seasonal fabrics. The vest layer, a pivotal winter garment, is perfect for exploring your creative fabric combinations.

FABRICS-*NOTE: Yardage Amount Correction: On the Pattern, the yardage amount: for 60” wide fabric should be 1 1/2 yds

A great garment starts with fabric we love. It is time to work with the good stuff...and explore where innovative combinations might go!  One of my favorite vest years ago was a combination of natural color linen on the front and a black cashmere wool on the back…so inviting to feel that cozy and unexpected warmth on the back of a garment that looked like any other season from the front!

Here are 3 of the Ashland Vests with various design & technique variations -

Ikat Silk-with loose pocket/bag- I am always exploring pocket variations (Maybe you joined in the 30-day Pocket Challenge with my Just Pockets Pattern?) The silk Ikat was combined with 2 other linens: a solid and a pin strip for piping and a thin cording. The vest back pieces were pleated for more texture on those panels. 

The front of this vest finishes with one of the collar variations in the pattern. Consider that all seams may not need to be stitched all the way: leaving sides open for slits at the hems, vents or openings allows for more movement in the wearing... and the extra openings in this piece allow the cords on the loose pocket to be laced through the side and back seams. There is a bound buttonhole in the front for the cording-Love the look! The bag is 2 more wearing options- even when worn on other garments. 

Morning Pages Fabric with zipper trim- My Morning Pages fabric design is printed on Linen. Design Detail for this one is zipper trim. 

The surface design also 'suggests' a pocket on the front...which I opened along the edge of the drawn image and added a zipper closure. Afew eyelets are added to play out the hardware theme.  

A Vintage Quilt with linen- Why should every sweet piece of textile history have to wait in a drawer hoping to be appreciated?  Because I gave in to wearing a piece of history...I have felt connected to the women who made it and I have enjoyed it more than ever. Following the lead of the small quilt, I repaired and stitched in the same'style' I found it in. An invisible patch pocket and a simple binding for finish. 

Ask the question, 'What can I add that will let it shine?' Next, let your answer lead to the fabric combination, methods and journey the project takes you on. Here is the next  Ashland Vest coming together my design table!

Honoring the many ways to do that. We CAN combine whatever we like…HOW WE WORK  it is a reflection of our design eye and skills. SO it may be time to image your next, vest layer. One that can take your wardrobe into the New Year, Diane

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I ordered, received, and printed the Ashland Vest this morning. The Even numbered pages are labeled “The Cloud Coat,” and the Odd numbered ones are labeled “The Ashland Vest.” I am not at all clear what I have received or how to proceed. Could you please check your pattern anklet me know what is going on?

Thank you so much. I am anxious to begin this garment.

Betty Harris

Betty Harris

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