The Cloud Coat

The Cloud Coat

I’m excited to be into fall sewing with a new silhouette to offer you: The Cloud Coat!

Here are the versions I have been making.

Vest Version with Shrug- I used a stenciled/drawn and painted canvas for this garment. It has the petite collar (one of 2 in the pattern). The  shrug with sleeves, can be worn separately or under the vest. 

 This silhouette is a great canvas for interesting closures. I'm making the 3 closures for this vest, collage metal parts were attached to a padded, linen base. Each one is mounted on a pin back, so they can be worn in a variety of ways. 

This winter Cloud Coat started was collaged wool, that was sewn in a variety of shaped seamline to create each pattern piece.

Each garment piece is underlined and stitched to Thinsulate (a light weight batting), before the garment was constructed with a lining.

This coat has the Jumbo bias collar in a double gauze Japanese cotton…just like a soft, cozy scarf around the neck! Consider designing unique closures for this coat. This wool one has shaped bound button holes to highlight a button collection. 


Repeating the simple orange color strips around the garment pulls design and fabric combination together.

Purple Clouds

A canvas tarp, painted with Dye-na-flow = this coat. Thinsulate batting yoke was added across the back shoulders and down the front facings.

This coat has the Jumbo bias collar in the double gauze Japanese cotton. A cotton lining makes it a joy to wear. 

Bound Buttonhole Variations- I explored 2 very different versions of bound buttonholes in these 2 coats. I considered the buttons as I designed the buttonhole shapes for the wool coat in accent colors.

The round buttonholes, in accent printed fabric, have different shaped circular insets with irregular  openings  so the buttons each ‘sit’ in a different place when the coat is closed. I repeated the circles around the coat with Jacquard fabric pens in grey and black.

The coat Back has an optional off-center, soft pleat that shapes the bottom of the coat. Wearing this design is very much like wrapping one's self up into a light, cocoon of a cloud!  I'm looking forward to sharing more raincoat and cold weather versions of  Cloud Coats soon! Diane



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Hi Diane.
Thanks so much for the patterns and design inspiration you always give us! I love it. Would you please consider a “Design Elements” book in the future! Like your pocket pattern ideas but with stuff like how to do the bias collar on a fav. pattern, and other fun things ! :)
Thanks again and Happy Sewing!

Rochelle Jay

Hmm. Yesterday I bought a 4′ × 12′ cotton canvas drop cloth thinking it could be sewn into something. Now I know what. The round welt button holes both fascinate and puzzle me. I’m taking my coffee to a sewing table to experiment. (Current project: Lois Ericson Cosmopolitan vest)

Beth Hagood

Hi Diane

just a quick question is there a pdf pattern also coming out

Many thanks


Maureen McGivern

The dark coloured one is absolutely stunning. If it does not come in PDF guess I will have to get the paper pattern and wait.


I just ordered this pattrrn! Can’t wait to receive it!

Judy Jacque Miller

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