The Duplex Apron Pattern

The Duplex Apron Pattern


A new pattern always inspires lots of ideas and directions to create! Here are some details on 3 new Duplex Aprons and some designing tips to explore in your studio.

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SO where does inspiration come from anyway?

The world is full of magic because we are all unique & inspired by different things! Looking at some travel photos of Amsterdam, I 'saw' cool aprons, and that's where The Duplex Apron started! As you can see by my design board below, I jumped in by sketching and painted various ideas... some elaborate, some simplified. Here are 3 different Duplex projects including details for each to inspire your making! 

#1 The Farmhouse/Silo Apron-

The Duplex Apron Pattern includes different Left & Right Fronts. This apron uses both. Cool pockets are always a good thing! ...especially on an apron. The 'vib' of this version is the most me....I love the casual/country style of it. The Right Front (the silo) has a fold-up pocket in the pattern piece  that works like this:

This fold-up version creates a nice, baggy giant pocket! Directions for the Left Front suggests a collage of fabrics to create the farmhouse. To add interest, consider combining prints and solids here. I including some hand painted fabrics and lots of machine and hand stitching. LOVE the fence post detail, along the hem,  it could be repeated on other edges too. 


#2 The Red Collection Apron-

This Monochromatic Color Combo of 3 fabrics highlights the prints, textures and red stitched fabric. All unique, strong designs, they can be each be used in various ways to balance the look of the design in construction: For example (below), a folded detail piece at the strap, makes a more intentional statement with that single red dot from the poka dota fabric showing there! White hand stitching in Sashiko cotton thread mimics the red (commercial) stitched fabric too. The vintage red clips can be worn as accessories on the apron.

Pattern Pieces: The Right Front Pattern piece was used for both left and right panels on this red/white version. 2 fabrics were combined for the Jumbo Patch Pocket (included in the pattern), with the second print showing as the facing when the pocket is folded down along the top edge.

Painting Ribbons- Don't always have the right color ribbon? It is easy to paint your own. Technique: Keeping some tension on one end of this cream color grosgrain ribbon, it was rubbed down the length of ribbon with a small amount of Fabric  paint on a foam sponge. Colors can be mixed for more interest too. It dries quickly and both sides could be covered. For this project, the paint was only applied  to one side. The painted ribbon was used to back the ties and folded it into a smaller width for my loops. The cool trim below was made by painting some narrower painted ribbon. 


Making Trim Accents- This easy technique is a great accent for any of the edges on a garment. My combo is painted ribbon, linen tape, red decorative satin ribbon and some red twine. To start, cut all the pieces in generous lengths to start, feed them into place on the ribbon as you sew, then give the ends a haircut once the trim is in place to get the finished look. Here is the finished trim: Stitched on a piece of ribbon and shown along the finished neck edge of the apron. Directions for making the trim are included in the pattern.... I know, you wanna stop now and make some right?!!

#3 Houses & ReCycled Denim Apron-

This Apron features  our new fabric called: The Neighborhood with artwork created by Miles Frode. The pointed roofs reflect the tops of the apron panels...and inspired the collage placement of one of the larger roofs being used at the top of the Denim panel. We scaled the design, with larger houses along the bottom, to give more design options with the fabric.


The Neighborhood Fabric, in a shirt-weight cotton. The cotton print was interfaced as suggested across the top of the panel for extra body. Next, to balance the weight of the recycled denim with the fabric print, the printed panel was lined in a brown linen with a subtle blue pin-stripe. The brown linen was also used for the straps, loops, and along some edges.  The denim side was was finished with topstitching and a facing only across the top of the apron.

Using the print fabric for a Jumbo Pocket, it was lined and the top edge of the pocket was sewn at angles along the  rooflines of the houses. A piece of the brown, striped linen was used for a bit of trim along the pocket bottom.

Stenciled Accents- the new Home Stencil  feels like the perfect accent for this apron! It's a good idea to practice with printing options and colors on scrap. Sometimes printing on a variety of fabrics to start with helps narrow down what will look best on the finished piece.   


I layout my stencil designs  for maximum printing options. Thinking about this ahead of time, The images in this collection of little houses are arranged in 2 rows: one vertical and one horizontal. The arrows below indicate where I used both rows of images on the apron design. That vertical row would be fun up the front band of a shirt with an assorted button collection as a part of the design! 


 I will use the 3 mini-house silhouettes on the stencil (seen above on the denim panel) on lots of projects! Love the detail it adds. See my HOME Stenciled Shirt blog for more design ideas for just working with this 1 stencil. 

Time to make more house pockets! Removing and adding more seam allowance around the edges will give several different sizes of pockets to create on too. Love this collage design? It is also available as a card


Sometimes starting at the end changes everything.........SO making your version of the House Pocket (included in pattern) first, might just create the new adventure you've been waiting for!!! 

                                   Celebrating Home with All of You, Diane





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