The O’Keeffe: BELTED CoatDress

The O’Keeffe: BELTED CoatDress


Whether it’s a vest layer or a 3/4 coatdress, this is a favorite year-round, garment design! With a collection of O’Keeffe's in my wardrobe,  I’m already dreaming of more variations in pieced wool, stitched kantha cloth and eco-printed summer linens!

Belted? What? ! …Don’t see yourself in a belt? This just might be the exception that will give you a fresh silhouette. The secret is only belting 1/2 way around the body. Here are my 2 ‘belted’ versions: 1 belted in front, and 1 belted in back.


The Wool Coat belted, across the coat front has a metallic fabric accent inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's leather belt with silver accents (shown above).

Made in wool suiting with white linen asymmetrical collar and front facing, I have translated some of the design ideas into my O'Keeffe version for you. The asymmetrical collar and front facings give the option for a more dramatic look to the coat.  I chose to create bound buttonholes, giving the buttons and front closure more interest. Love this belt? Me too!! See my video clip on how to make your own O'Keeffe Belt.

By leaving 3" openings in the side seams,  3"-4" down from the underarm seam, you create an opening for the belt. 

Belt in back…This Coat-Dress, in a combination of washed linens and features one of my  Wing n’ A Prayer Fabric Panels. The Bird Panel inspired this combination of fabrics. 14” of the bird panel length was used for a back focal detail with the rest of the panel used for front collar and front facings.

After feeling the coat on, I knew I wanted to add a lining for a smooth interior finish. See my Linen O'Keeffe Coat video for more construction details. 


     Have a lovely Holiday Season.... maybe wearing YOUR new O'Keeffe! Diane

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Hello Diane. I would love pattern #337, The O’Keefe Coatdress, but in a paper pattern.
Is that available. I don’t do pdf.
Thank you

Mary Kay Boulton

Thank you for all the creative ideas, Diane

Linda C. Sherman

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