The Red Bike - Revisited

The Red Bike - Revisited

This dynamic fabric combo really plays well combined with one of the Red Bike Panels. Combined with linens and denims, the linen/cotton canvas panel is a great weight for a shirt/tunic or light-weight jacket... or apron of course!!!

Designer Mollie Swindle employed a pleasing design strategy by placing the main part of the bike design off center on the back of the shirt.

A handmade label tells the world you are serious about your work - The pieces you make will feel different when you create one for yourself.

Details are the finishing touches that show your design eye- In this piece, the bits of handstitching reflect the drawing style in the panel.

More cool details! Let the theme of your fabric suggest the direction you explore for trims, closures and added surface design: In this case, snap tape is a great hardware choice for the closure... and you know Mollie had fun dabbing paint on her tread and rolling her bike over the fabric for the most authentic tire tracks ever!!

Diane's Close Up

Here is Diane's combo with a blue striped linen added as a accent fabric and more snap tape.

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Karen Griffin's son, Stephen, a passionate cook, got this cool surprise in his Christmas stocking last year.... you can never have too many aprons, can you?

Update from Diane’s Studio

Thank you, thank you for all the love and support this month! I deeply appreciate all the materials, tools, buttons and treasures each of you have shared with me!!
I am touched by your generous hearts…all lifting my spirit as I restock my work tables and shelves with tools and materials from your studios. I treasure your friendships and look forward to when we can celebrate together again,
Love, Diane
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Love this – such a stunning effect! Is this TSW’s Tremont pattern? I’m borrowing this idea for adding Wing ‘N a Prayer panel to Kaffe Fassett’s Feathers & Aboriginal Dots fabrics.


Hi. I’m wondering what pattern was used for the ‘bicycle top’
Thank you


Tears of joy due to hearing from you. Think of you every day. One of your cards, Lena, sits next to my computer. I can not even imagine what you have experienced and, here you are, peeking through the other side. hugs and more hugs Your studio looks awesome – light and open. Awesome. love and more love

Ardis Bucy

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