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Designing a Maker Apron-

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I could probably wear one of these MAKER APRON's everyday...its heaven, the perfect pocket is always right there when you need it! Note: my store offers a paper and a PDF version.

Construction & Design Tips- It's all about your combo!! I bet you have some great fabrics in your stash too. Local designer, Marta, created this beautiful apron with silk organza and her eco-dyed and printed fabrics. Marta is very petite and made a small apron. The small has 2 pockets (there are 3 pockets on the larger sizes). Her materials, ribbons and design are very delicate...and perfect for her. I love the

way she drizzled the ribbon on the front as surface design and loops for buttons to hols up the soft, bottom pocket. Thanks for sharing your apron Marta!

Adding Recycled Garment Parts with hardware add an edge and patina to my design. For this one, I combined the stripe canvas with a kaki skirt and a 3rd orange piece of cotton for accents. Taking a que from the skirt- I added more machine and handstitching in the orange.

The mini-shirt wasn't alot of fabric, but just right for pockets. The giant vintage button is the perfect one for this was from my Mom's collection and it makes me smile when I look at it. The pattern includes an easy buttonhole to make and could be made in a variety of  shapes....maybe a rectangle, triangle or maybe a leaf silhouette?Jumbo Snaps would be a fun closure idea too.

Here are some checkpoints when you create the Apron-

• Since the front is 1 layer, and should be strong enough to hold the pockets you design, pick a fairly sturdy fabric for the front apron piece. I suggest a rustic linen, or denim weight. Think Jacket weight. On my  bLue apron, I like the look of reversing the black print and the blue linen on the apron back. 

• Check the strap lengths as suggested in the pattern-If the button is to low:  the back straps should be shortened. It should button at the small of the back.

• Once the shoulders are together, decide if you want to overlap the top of the side seam to shape it more-The overlap is shown on the side seam above. It just brings the underarm closer to the body.

I love how easily this apron comes together!

Armhole Bindings- Can either be a knit or a woven strip of bias. The blue apron has a length of t-shirt knit and the brown stripe canvas apron has a woven bias strip. It is fun to make it an accent fabric too.  

•   The Pockets can be divided any way you want...they can be stitched to hold your favorite tools. The pockets can be a more asymmetrical feature on the Apron front. I am excited to play with that on my next one out of the vintage denim and Black Rustic linen combo below.

Here is a creative tip: Look for children and infant denim for parts. The scale can be perfect for apron elements-pockets etc. They have smaller details. The ruffles on this mini jacket would be sweet on the edge of a pocket!  


The accent ribbon can be straight up the center front or zig-zag randomly.  What about printing your own ribbon...or more buttons? beads? etc? Really, in this are we ever going to use them all up if we don't start using them to decorate a cool apron!?!?

I can see this Maker Apron is going to be a basic in my wardrobe!!!..... Can we ever have to many Aprons? Diane






 Sporting a decadent collection of pockets, it’s a casual layering garment for everyday or in the studio.

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