Deepening Design:  1 Color: BLUE               1 Stencil: ORIGAMI

 Designing is a verb!! …an action verb! It requires movement, action, maybe risk. So lets jump in.

Beauty in Arrangement is a gift available to all of us. February is a good time of year to re-visit my stash and design file with blues on my mind. Selecting materials and taking the time to create pleasing arrangements of my supplies and tools always makes a difference.

 What’s in your Design File (…….sometimes referred to as Pinterest)? A Design File can include anything you find inspiring: magazine images, notes, color focused downloads, sketches etc.

 Making Fabric is a nice way 'in'. it’s a good way to start slow. Draping a fabric collage on a dressform gives me a glimpse into a possible garment as I consider where my design work is headed.

 My starts are usually working on several pieces at one time. Here are some blue ones. Maybe some stitching, some printing maybe a pocket. If you didn't get in on the last  30-Day Pocket Challenge, why not start your own now! Printing fabric feels like sketching sometimes…it is such a simple way of making a mark, exploring a color story or integrating a design. Keeping the process open for as long as you can brings in more ideas in the beginning of your ‘make’.

ReMake in BLUES- This tunic, from tee shirts and stretch denim is a favorite in my wardrobe. 

As a tea lover, accessories are part of my design process in winter. Stenciling and piecing in blues were used in these tea cozy designs below from my Lazy Morning Tea Cozy Pattern.

 The Origami Stencil-

The format images are placed in speaks volumes about the overall effect of those images. Using the Origami Stencil, here are several different presentations.

 Stenciling into this stitched surface (above), the Origami images are printed to ‘peek’ out for inside the stitched shapes.

 In this Mosaic Design presentation-a variety of my stencil designs were fit together, like puzzle pieces, including the Origami. The variation is printing, amount of paint  and spacing adds interest to the design. This style of printing is one of my  favorites and can be created with any collection of images.


The Origami Stencil  was printed above as the front detail on a shirt and a cuff detail on a sleeve....The printed shapes up the front and faced curved edge is the perfect finish!!

                                     •  •  •  •   •   •  •  •   •   •  •   •

Geneva has a flair for everything creative = this sweet, blue, treasure box encrusted with buttons and charms has come my way…lucky me....more blue!!!   Diane








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love your work

Andrea Steell

Please add me to your distribution list for your blog. Thanks.

Jan Miller

please add me to your blog distribution list.

Marilyn McCartney

I’m really enjoying the view as I watch what you’re creating in your studio. Surface design is my first love, and I’m always inspired to see how you use pieces you’ve stenciled and stitched. This post makes me want to get out the origami stencil and make something really cool!


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