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                   Home IS our personal shelter

Right now, I am celebrating the places in myself that are unfolding as I appreciate HOME. Without the distractions of comings and goings, HOME brings the deep sigh of sinking into a hot bath….or maybe a richer experience of settling in with a favorite tea.  As the theme for a new body of work, HOME has been inviting me deeper into my creative play.

These last few months of thoughtful making have resulted in a new collection:

The Duplex Apron Pattern, The HOME stencil, new Card Designs and The Neighborhood, an architectural fabric design featuring the artwork of Miles Frode. All of these new works are available individually and a Special Bundle.

                             Jump in & join us! See you at the design table, Diane & Miles

The Duplex Apron Pattern-

Down the side streets in Amsterdam, there are rows of playful Colonial architecture- One row house sporting poka dots, another gingerbread trim, another in a bold, avant garde color combo. The Duplex Apron, inspired by just such historic architecture, is a canvas waiting for your inspiration! Maybe the new centerpiece of your kitchen wardrobe or modern studio heirloom garb: decorated with family linens, buttons (stash, and trims). I love this asymmetric version= a farmhouse & silo with the oversized pocket. The pattern is available in paper and PDF version See my new aprons in the Duplex Apron Blog to and turn up the volume on your design play! 

I loved creating this Duplex Apron, combining The Neighborhood Fabric with recycled denim and printed with the new HOME Stencil. Ornate or farmhouse style, we can’t wait to add your creative versions to our Facebook Album, so please send your photos our way. 

The Neighborhood Fabric-


Our new Neighborhood Fabric-Creative, Miles Frode, a prolific Oregon artist is sharing one of my favorite paintings for this HOME collection! Printed on a shirt-weight cotton, our new fabric is available as yardage and bundled in a panel with the Duplex Pattern and new HOME stencil design.  

 It is time for a home stencil...celebrating some of the myriad of ways we create shelter in this world. I hope you all find ways to give voice to your stories about home through this design. I designed the stencil, thinking about all of us in some variation of home. I plan to share profits from this stencil with our local Hope Village that is providing shelter to assist homeless people get a fresh start. 

I love revamping my wardrobe...and stenciling is often part of that process. Wanna make a shirt you have into a new fav? See my Fabric Printing: HOME Stencil Blog for 3 how-to tips on upping your printing skills.

Home Card Collection-


In my slow-down life, I have made big changes….including moving out of my studio in the Ashland Historic District. My time, in my Ashland, OR studio, has been full of joy and creativity. I have loved sharing it with all of you who have been able to join me there. I am creating a more spacious life.... with a priority to grow my creativity, teaching and sharing venues with you in new ways. I’m working on new products and giving my website some new features and a polishing.

 ......On that last day, I mopped, reminiscing and enjoying all of the cherished memories we made in that beautiful space.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your enthusiasm and support that makes all of us together a real community.

                                                                                Love & Gratitude, Diane



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