A vintage tablecloth was the inspiration for this Shirt 2.0,

Combined with linen, the collage of vintage buttons are the perfect finish. More on the blog about making the 2.0 shirt.


Streaming for easy access!

Surface Design with Stencils & Drawing on Fabric-

Just under an hour, each one is loaded with techniques, tools, design play ideas and a gallery of finished work. Miles Frode, one of my favorite collaborators, is a guest artist laying down some great design technique and style in the videos….so besides incredibly informative, they are fun!  For a sneak peek, see the video clips on my homepage.

New Stencil Designs too!

Inspired fall fabric printing is part of my daily practice this month.

I’m exploring some new intense colors in my design work with 2 new stencil designs by Miles Frode: The Impromptu Circus is a new larger format (11x16)

and Stacked Faces, a 2 step layered design.

See both of these new designs and the first printed versions in my current blog

Speaking of Miles…..I have a proud parent moment to share. Miles, an amazing wordsmith and poet, is going on tour in October. He will performing in Oregon and California in October. His current work and tour schedule are on his Facebook:

Meet you in the Studio! Diane


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