Summer= Yellow

Summer= Yellow


1 color: YELLOW      1 Stencil: GLOBAL SHAPES

If YELLOW isn’t summer…What is?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yellow has been called the most luminous color: think sunflowers, sunshine  and fresh lemons. Popping up at the farmers market…how can it not make us smile! Around the world, in  most cultures, it is the color that represents happiness and sunshine and deities in some religions. 

Although I'm attracted to the color…school bus yellow is not in my wardrobe! I can wear ‘cooler’ versions of yellow: very pale, soft versions with more white in them.


 Is there really a yellow for each of us? From Pinterest to your local paint dept., color combos are everywhere..…just waiting to inspire your next creative play. A color wheel can be a helpful tool for your sewing studio. You might find exploring the differences between ‘warm’ yellows and a ‘cool’ yellows, can bring more options in to your color palette, and introduce you to colors you did not think you could wear.

Accent Colors-YELLOW can be a beautiful accent color. It is a dynamic accent color for cool colors: grey, blues and lavender, as well as the warmer oranges and browns. For me, I loved combining it with grey for this summer linen scarf.

Summer Aprons-This is a great project for a fun color combo, some of your favorite fabric bits and a pocket feature…I am partial to linen. The yoke on this summer version was printed with the Global Shapes Stencil (I could not help adding afew Eucalyptus leaves ). I’m loving my Maker Aprons as a fun summer layer in my wardrobe! Here is a link to another blog post about Maker Aprons Blog 


 Since Yellow is the first color that will catch our attention…it makes sense it should be the blinking caution light, AND the color for the Vision Quilt Logo. June is Gun Violence Awarness Month and I am honored to call Cathy DeForest, the inspiring founder of the Vision Quilt Project, my friend. She is working tirelessly to bring awareness and change to gun violence in our country. See their info. and events around the country here:

I loved creating a River Tunic for her to wear in classes and at events! I used some of her logo T-shirts combined with other fabrics for the garment. It has encouraged conversations and donations to the cause. It inspired me to create a second garment (A French Fold Shrug), she could layer over a simple dress or slacks for black tie fundraisers. Using the Tee shirts in both garments was challenging. For the shrug, greys, black and navy worked with the yellow logo elements  which I cut and pieced with the other knits. The garments are serving a purpose.....attracting attention to her, that bright smile and the cause…Thank you Cathy.









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Somehow I missed your April blog & have just now read of your loss. I am sending sincere sympathies & hopes for a path of peace.

Connie Akers

I am Bulgarian. I love seeing your style.


Andreana jordanova

I can’t thank Diane Ericson enough! The garments she made for me stop people in their tracks! I wore Diane’s tunic to one of our museum shows and because of it, one woman asked me about Vision Quilt and made a $500 dollar donation!

I am presently in the SF airport on my way to Portland for our Vision Quilt exhibit at City Hall. Her tunic is turning heads!

I am deeply grateful for Diane’s creativity. She is creating conversations that would not happen without this garment!

Cathy DeForest

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