Welcome back Cicadas!!

Welcome back Cicadas!!

I never got to share the last pair of toddler pants I printed with Cicadas.... so as they make their way to the surface again....here is a fresh pair with some how-to direction for creating your own. 

Layered Printing- Stenciling with a sponge you can create different textures, adding sheer layers and print partial designs. Below, a light application of white was printed with a dry sponge through a paper cut out first. 

 Once dry, the 'stitches' were added with a Jacquard Fabric pen. It would be fun to stitch them with a contrasting embroidery floss too.

 Using the Cicada Stencil, the noisy bug was printed on top of the patches once the under layer was dry. The finished design is very fun and could be added to a favorite shopping bag, pocket on a jacket or backpack. You're the designer! Want more bugs?! See my collection of bug stencils. For more ideas for printing with a stencil and drawing with fabric pens, see my streaming videos.  

                                               See you in the garden! Diane

Bug Stencil Sale!

The bug stencils are on 15% off until June 7th in celebration of nature being so amazing.

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